A detailed comparison of merging features in Office built-in mail merge and Mail Merge Toolkit editions

In February 2018, MAPILab released a new edition of our extremely popular mail merging app – Mail Merge Toolkit PRO. This edition contains some features which are the most desirable for corporate mailings. So there are 3 different solutions that can cover user requests regarding personalized emails distribution with Microsoft Outlook, Word and Publisher.

We have a range of questions regarding the difference among all the solutions mentioned above. To make this case clear, we would like to offer a comparison table that contains all general mail merging features and shows their presence in each solution.

Feature Built-in
mail merge
feature in MS Office
Mail Merge
Toolkit STD
Mail Merge
Toolkit PRO
Setup and run personalized mailing
Outlook contacts as data source for merging
Outlook contact custom fields support
Excel spreadsheet as data source for merging
SharePoint list as data source for merging
Support of other data sources for merging
Works with Outlook, Word, Publisher
Support Microsoft Office 2016-2003
Sending messages in HTML
Sending messages in HTML-filtered (email size decreasing)
Sending messages in Plain Text
Sending messages in RTF
Personalized Word document (DOCX) in attachment
Personalized PDF in attachment
Opportunity to edit email body when sending PDF or DOCX attachment
Personalized email subject
Add recipients to ‘CC’ and ‘BCC’
Mail Merge with attachments
Send personal attachments in your mailings
Opportunity to choose Outlook account for mailing
Sending GIF-based emails from MS Publisher
Emails with “Image map” technology

7 thoughts on “A detailed comparison of merging features in Office built-in mail merge and Mail Merge Toolkit editions

  1. I believe the link you provided is for regular Mail Merge Toolkit, not the Pro version. Is there a trial download for the Pro version?

    1. There is ONE download (mentioned in my link below) for both Standard and PRO edition of Mail Merge Toolkit. The different editions require different license keys obtained after purchasing.

  2. Hello,

    I’m not finding a link to download a trial version of Mail Merge Toolkit PRO. Also, what are the options for upgrading an already-purchased (May 2018) Mail Merge Toolkit to the PRO version?

    Thank you,

  3. Can I use the MailMerge Toolkit Pro to send a personalised voting buttons in Outlook? I would like to record the email recipient’s response in relation to a yes or no button. If I don’t personalise the voting buttons I wouldn’t know what the response relates to.

  4. Hi All at Mapilab
    I need to be able to send Outlook Mail Merge email messages to a number of individual recipients with a personalised (certificate for the recipient) PDF attachment. I am able to send customised email mail merge messages to a list of recipients from Outlook but would like to expand the functionality and add that person’s personalised certificate document in PDF format.

    Can you please confirm that the Mail Merge Toolkit Standard will complete this function for me and is the right version to purchase. I will trial the software as well.

    Thank you, Sandra Pritchard

    1. Hi Sandra,

      The Mail Merge Toolkit PRO is a right product for you. Please download a trial version and test it. You can prepare a certificate in the Microsoft Word, add all necessary data fields (to include the personal data) and use an option “PDF attachment” to generate a PDF. You can also choose the file name for the attachment and the text which will be displaed in the message body.

      Andrey Manchuk

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