Outlook Security system

Attachments Processor for Outlook: process e-mail attachments as safely as we can!

The main efficient feature of the Attachments Processor add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook is replacing attached files in the messages with the shortcuts. This procedure allows reducing mailbox size – and therefore, improves Outlook productivity for the customers with large email base.

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Free Outlook Add-in to avoid Outlook security warnings

Has your Microsoft Outlook ever warned you about a mysterious program trying to communicate with the outer world on your behalf by sending a message? Have you ever felt irritated by these instances, or even a bit anxious about them, especially when you are not entirely sure which program or module is trying to access your contact list? Or, on the contrary, you sometimes have to tap ‘Allow’ dozens of times in a row, because relevant settings are nowhere to be found in the standard Outlook Options… Anyway, Outlook security warnings can become really annoying if you have quite a few programs and plug-ins that perform automatic messaging using addresses from your contact list. From this article, you will learn about an easy-to-use, efficient, and safe workaround for this issue.

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