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Top Outlook add-ins from MAPILab to increase your daily productivity

Surely, active users of Outlook appreciate its vast range of features. However, they are pretty well aware of its limitations, too. To overcome these limitations, it is often enough to install a couple of well-integrated third-party add-ins, for instance, MAPILab ones. For you to make the most of your Outlook, we are offering this brief overview of our most useful tools.

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How to create Outlook contacts automatically when sending or replying to email

For each person who utilizes Microsoft Office for much or even the majority of their time at the computer, there is some plugin, (or “add-in”, as Microsoft itself likes to call them), that was made just for them, that fits their activities in the most time-saving manner, and that provides significant gains in the various aspects of user experience.
One of such third-party add-in for Microsoft Outlook is Add Contacts by MAPILab. If you often make new contacts and have trouble with email addresses that don’t really offer an indication of the owner’s name, Add Contacts might be the add-in that suits you.

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