PDF attachments and message body text in Mail Merge Toolkit for Outlook

We received recently several requests from our users, about sending messages as PDF attachments in Mail Merge Toolkit, and typing the text for the message body – so, we will answer them in our blog for all our customers who are interested in using this efficient feature.

When I use this on my Word 2016 it asks me to type my message in a “Message Body” box after I do the step of adding the attachment. Why does it ask me to do that when I’ve already typed it into the main doc??

Six different message formats:

Mail Merge Toolkit offers you 6 different message formats: with “HTML, Filtered” and “Plain Text”, your main document text will be inserted into your message body the regular way, like if you create new message in Outlook;
with 4 “Attachment” formats, your main document will be converted to file and attached to the message:

Merge-to-email window in Mail Merge Toolkit for Outlook

If you select “HTML/RTF/PDF Attachment” as the message format in the Mail Merge Toolkit settings, your main Word document will be converted to a file, and attached to each outgoing personal message as personal separate file (and the same for Publisher projects).

“Message body” dialog box

And if you select “PDF etc. Attachment” as your message format, you will also get a new dialogue in the next step – “Message body”: you can type there the text of your message body – otherwise, your e-mail with the individual attached message will be sent with the blank e-mail body:

Text in Outlook email body

Originally, that “Message body” box supported merely plain text and macros (Merge data fields), but later, we also added support for images and other graphic objects – your message body can look now like your regular message, with pictures, tables and formatted text.

And together with the attached message file, you can also attach regular files to your mail.

When sending a customized PDF attachment, a box opens to input the email message body with optional mail merge fields. This message always seems to be in HTML format. Is there a way to change it to the other formats, such as plain text or RTF?

HTML is the only supported message format if you send your main document content attached as PDF, RTF, or HTML file. We started using it, because this format is universal and supported by all e-mail systems and clients.

2 thoughts on “PDF attachments and message body text in Mail Merge Toolkit for Outlook

  1. Hi,

    May I ask you a question. Does you software could be able to send mail-merge and pdf with password protection?
    I would like to use for sending payroll slip.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hello,

      We appreciate your interest in MAPILab products.

      I regret to inform you, but Mail Merge Toolkit does not support the password protection feature, since it relies on the original conversion algorithm Microsoft Word includes.

      Sincerely yours,
      MAPILab Support Team.

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