Month: July 2015

How to send group emails in Outlook

Have you ever gotten emails with hundred recipients in the “To” field? What did you think about sender of such messages? Didn’t you feel irritated that the sender did not take the time to send you an individual message? Do you just delete such messages as spam? Of course, the alternative is sending a message with all the recipients in the BCC field so that they do not see each other, but that is not much better, as recipients usually simply ignore anything that is not addressed personally. On top of that,  spam filters are perfectly capable not only of sending the message to the Junk Mail folder, but also blocking the sender.

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Performing an eDiscovery search in mixed Exchange environment

The mail flow of an organization is not just a never-ending sequence of messages dropping in and out of mailboxes to disappear in the void of archives where no one ever sees them again. In fact, it is a collection of unique sensitive documents containing information about your company, its members, partners, and transactions. In the event of an internal investigation of a potential or actual violation, a dispute with a partner, a legal action, or a newly-introduced compliance procedure, being able to access the entire scope of documents sent and received by email can be of vital importance to the management. Given that electronic messages are considered to be full-fledged documentary evidence, failure to present such evidence in a timely fashion can cost your company a substantial sum of money or a good reputation that wasn’t earned in a day. How to gain actual control over the content of a company’s business correspondence? Arguably the most important feature you need is a search engine – and it must be fast, efficient and universal for all the servers on the domain.

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