exchange block attachments

Block unwanted attachments on Exchange Server before they compromise your storage

If we compare information with such a vital substance as blood in human body, then the mail flow of an organization constitutes its blood circulation system sustaining a healthy work rhythm of the entire organization. No wonder that this circulation system should be kept clean and smooth, ready for unforeseen stresses and convenient for routine tasks. Naturally, the heart of the system represented by the corporate Exchange Server should be optimized in terms of load and storage space.

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Save email attachments on Exchange Server

Using a Microsoft-powered mail server as a comprehensive corporate email solution is extremely popular, as it enables easy synchronization and sharing of mail and other items. Complex architecture of a modern Exchange server makes it fast, reliable – and rather costly to maintain. As your company grows, your Exchange server processes more and more data each day. How do we organize this data to avoid a never-ending need for extension of resources? First of all, let us find the ‘bad guy’. And the bad guy here is a huge bulk of attachments that aren’t structured and occupy too much disk space. Moreover, you are very likely to end up with a lot of duplicate attachments appearing as a result of forwarding, CC’ing or sending multiple-recipient messages.

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