Month: January 2015

How to get a local file from PC remotely?

In the era of transnational corporations stretched across multiple time zones and various bring-your-own-device initiatives gaining popularity among companies that want to enhance efficiency and availability of their workforce, it is very common to use your home computer or personal mobile device for business correspondence. Modern data security solutions enable to maintain certain safety standards and protect corporate accounts even when they are accessed from outside the company.

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Duplicated attachments in Outlook: How to avoid it?

The mail flow in a company often contains a lot of email duplicates: messages from external and internal senders are forwarded to colleagues, bosses and relevant departments. When you receive a letter and realize that it should have been addressed to a different employee of the company, you usually press Forward without any further delay. As soon as you have done so, there are at least two copies of the same message in your email database. This would not present a slightest problem, were it not about email attachments. Unless commanded otherwise, attached files are just dragged along with their messages, regardless of their size, file type and general relevance.

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