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How to monitor folders and get updated files automatically with Outlook?

In one of the previous articles we learned how to send files automatically in Outlook in reply to a request message using MAPILab Toolbox. Taking into consideration how rapidly business environment is changing, it is no wonder that commercial documents, such as pricelists, special offers, and catalogues are updated rather frequently. If you have an audience that you need to keep informed of the changes you make, sending out new versions of such documents adds up to your routine even if you use automatic tools and mass mailing solutions. However, there is a solution that enables to send out updated version of documents in question as soon as you have made some changes in the document. If you already use MAPILab Toolbox for Outlook, you might have noticed the File Send Automatically component in the list of add-in features. In the present article we will dwell upon the capabilities of this tool and possible application.

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Send files in Outlook emails automatically with MAPILab Toolbox

Microsoft Office was designed from the ground up as a powerful productivity platform for numerous PC-related tasks and jobs, and has gained massive popularity over the years, becoming the leading solution on the market.

However, making it a truly all-purpose tool, able to perform in practically every scenario that the modern workplace produces, is no small task.

To counter this limitation, Microsoft has included the possibility for independent developers to create their own functions into the platform, without compromising its integrity or copyright licenses, by introducing the MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) protocol – a sort of “bridge” for anyone to use between the closed architecture of Office and supplemental software written in popular programming languages in order to include a desired feature. This protocol has allowed many to produce their own long-sought productivity improvements that Microsoft had or has no desire to implement owing to small margins – the main features of Office require many man-hours to maintain as it is. Consequently, an impressive number of such software products have appeared on the Internet over the years as the result.

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