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How to monitor folders and get updated files automatically with Outlook?

In one of the previous articles we learned how to send files automatically in Outlook in reply to a request message using MAPILab Toolbox. Taking into consideration how rapidly business environment is changing, it is no wonder that commercial documents, such as pricelists, special offers, and catalogues are updated rather frequently. If you have an audience that you need to keep informed of the changes you make, sending out new versions of such documents adds up to your routine even if you use automatic tools and mass mailing solutions. However, there is a solution that enables to send out updated version of documents in question as soon as you have made some changes in the document. If you already use MAPILab Toolbox for Outlook, you might have noticed the File Send Automatically component in the list of add-in features. In the present article we will dwell upon the capabilities of this tool and possible application.

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